Find your style

When you make a decision  to move to a new home, it is usual to find empty rooms without style. You have to give them life, and the way to do it is by studying different decorative styles.

Before cramming the house with elements without connection, or without personality, you have to stroll through the different styles of decoration that set the tone in the world. It is about dressing the house with interior design trends, to create pleasant spaces that adapt to the tastes and needs of those who will inhabit it.


The minimalist interior decoration style is perfect for order lovers, for those who feel comfortable in simple and serene spaces. In this type of interior decorations in houses, the premise is «less is more». In this style the furniture must have colors very similar to the floor and walls. Smooth surfaces, glass and stones predominate in this style of interior decoration.


These are modern designs based on simplicity, smooth surfaces, well defined and clean lines, with priority for comfort and ample and orderly spaces. The predominant colors are neutral such as white, cream, brown or gray. We can find stainless steel, chrome, nickel, light and dark wood furniture, leather, silk, velvet and linen. A track lighting and floor lamps are its hallmarks.


Its origin is in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It is a very popular style worldwide, simple, functional and comfortable. Use white and bone color, gray and beige, wood, leather, skins and decoration with plastic plants in a minimalist style. It gives great importance to eliminate everything that is not used in terms of furniture and accessories. There is an abundance of classic and modern paintings, picture frames and art pieces. Natural light is very important, as are curtains, carpets and wool blankets with striking colors.

Rustic / natural

This style reproduce the natural elements in your home, as if you had a cabin facing a lake or a mountain. homes with an interior style of this type bring harmony, well-being and comfort. The colours used are ocher, white and earth with natural wood or ceramic floors. The architecture is clean, with simple lines and wooden furniture.

Clasic / Renovated

This style brings an elegant, luxurious and very sophisticated look. It does not depart from the trends of modern interior decoration, but, at the same time, it preserves the most important of other times. White colors and creams predominate.
Use of noble materials, silky textiles, solid wood and natural stones. Finishes with reflections and glare, natural light in abundance, large windows, windows and doors, along with good communication between interior and exterior.
Also The moldings on the walls, borders and wallpaper are widely used in a modern, renovated and classic style house.

Vintage / industrial

As soon as modern spaces became popular, vintage decoration was also born, because many people refused to let go of the best of the past, It has a lot to do with loft aesthetics and spacious and bright spaces predominate. The materials vary depending on the time you want to evoke. In most cases, restored furniture sets the tone.


Bohemian interior design styles are an explosion of freedom, happiness and life. They allow varied combinations with warm and vibrant colors. They are modern style houses in balance with hippie, vintage and gypsy fashion. It is a diverse and economical type of decoration, because much of what is used can be purchased in second-hand sales.
Natural materials such as wood, wicker and rattan are perfect for creating bohemian spaces.

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